Vibrancy at its Best

I have to admit, I have pretty good energy on a regular basis. I awaken quite early every day, and I move right into activity—for me, I enjoy a 90-minute routine of stretching, yoga, and meditation to start each day. Admittedly, however, there are some days when I am drained from the get-go, and I have to alter my routine to accommodate my lack of energy. I look to myself and query “what will it take for me to return to vibrancy?”

When I say vibrancy, I mean a sweet energy that lasts for a while and when you express it, you don’t feel totally spent—in fact, you feel satisfied and alive. To do that, or be that, or invite that into our lives, we will explore energy from a holistic perspective.

Energy is neutral on its own. Energy interacting with people can become trapped, stagnant, harmful, fluid, wholesome, or vibrant. It’s best to familiarize yourself with energy through each aspect of your whole being—body, emotions, mind, and spirit. Here are a few concepts to incorporate:

  • Body – Is it upright or slumped? Where is it strong? Weak? Are your postures open or closed? Determine for yourself how you would describe the energy associated with each description—what feels the most fluid, wholesome, and vibrant to you? Start practicing body moves and postures that offer the most vibrancy and staying power.
  • Emotions – Research shows you have more success and earn more money when you are vibrant with positive emotions. The research also tells us not to evade or deny negative feelings, as they can play a key role in health and well-being. There is something to be gained in feeling the good and the bad together. For example, adversity can profoundly alter your perspective and highlight what’s most important to you. Working through shame can cultivate compassion. Start practicing how to notice the gift, the good in each emotion.
  • Mind – Take a moment to notice your thoughts intentionally. Let your thoughts come up and witness them, acknowledging how many of them are positive and how many are negative. Create an analogy of how you can guard your mind from harmful, reckless thoughts—protecting it from any negative impact. This is a practice that you will develop over time, but it’s worth it to keep the garden of your mind lush, verdant, and beautiful.
  • SpiritThe field of pure love that underlies everything wants to emanate into your life experience with vibrant light energy. You can elevate this process for yourself through various practices. For example, remind yourself of three of your wonderful qualities – add to the list daily. Focus on developing one life-affirming idea today. Cultivate the list daily.

Small steps every day can make an enormous difference in your overall energy vibrancy.

It is with admiration that I work with capable women who come face to face with injury, surgery or a difficult diagnosis. I guide them holistically to navigate the medical trauma and maneuver through the emotional mayhem so they can return to a vibrant, independent life. If you or someone you know has such a challenge, I would deeply appreciate you sending them to to contact me to see if we are a good fit to work together.