The Dawning of the New Normal

​My friend of many years, Sam, who passed several years ago was a unique being, a dare-devil pilot, an accomplished whistler, and a prolific writer. When we became friends, introduced by his daughter, who herself was quite extraordinary, it was a gift to both Sam and me. I saw him as a very wise man, humble, honest, and wide open. He had very few rules, he might say none at all. And those who knew him, loved him, and too, often talked of him as “odd.” He surely was never ‘ordinary.’

I’m sharing 3 pieces of his prose because as I read through a portion of his vast collection the other night, I felt they could offer important lessons and reflections for our vastly changing world. I share these as a gift to all of us from a profoundly advanced human being from a long, long time ago.

There is beauty in the storm. Yes,
The winds roar overhead, the
lights go out, the trees crack
And fall, the branches whip and
Sail like javelins, but in all this
Violence there is no anger, no hate, no
Greed, no lies no deceit, no viciousness,
No domination, no control. A storm
Is a tapestry of interwoven forces,
Acting on each other to change the
Surface of the earth in random fashion,
A surreal portrait which grips the
Heart, awes the mind and humbles
The sprit. When it is over, there is
Peace and calm and serenity again,
And regrowth and new life beginning.
Oh, yes there is beauty in the storm.

               S.W. March 1, 1991

New Sky above, to be seen clearly
Only by new eyes, explored by new
Hearts. Therefore, we elders must
Foster and protect the violent
Beauty of the young lives who
Surge to find and fill their world,
Which only they can know. Thus is
The universe maintained, alive and
Growing, and so we old ones transfer
The gift of life and love. We had
Our sky, our gift, and now can pass
It on to you, you voyagers and
Searcher in your turn. Now you
Will take our place until the wheel
Comes to full circle once again.
Then you will join us in eternity
And give the gift to your inheritors.
So has it been, so will it always be.
New sky, new eyes, new hearts, new life.

S.W. 1989

I have opened the door of each new age
And there I have found my older self waiting.
Impatient and scornful of the past.
But – not again – beyond the next door,
I will confront my future with
Compassion, and with love, console
Myself for being older, and so bring
All my young and lively laughter
Into the ultimate adventure of death.

S.W. 1990

Sam died in October of 1997. It felt like the entire population of the Island came to his “Celebration of Life.” And everyone had a story to tell about Sam. Sam didn’t miss a single opportunity to exchange the moment with anyone he encountered. I never heard a word of judgment come from his mouth. He was inventive, astoundingly patient, easily distracted because so very much intrigued him. He was a monument of acceptance and compassion. His love and influence lives on…