Juices Flowing

We are a society that sits – a lot – and the experts have written piles of articles about how bad this is for our posture, our ultimate comfort, and our frame of mind and attitude. When I examined my patterns, I saw that my work did indeed steer me into a chair with one client after another, so I created an effortless routine to change that… and get the juices flowing!

The simplicity of “standing up” almost seems mundane—but it’s truly a profound practice. Go ahead, if you’re sitting (and you know you are), just stand up. Feel what that does to your body and your breath, first and foremost. It’s almost impossible not to take a nice deep breath when you stand. And before you finish your exhale, you find yourself stretching – ah, that feels so good! Then if you’re paying attention, you notice that your creative mind is humming along in the background. Invite it to shout out whatever comes forth.

Once you let this flow for a few seconds, you begin to feel a little softer, higher, and more energized. All this simply by standing up. I told you I started a routine—I set a timer for every hour—and no matter what I am doing, I stand. If I am with a client, I tell them I am standing to get my physical, mental, and emotional juices flowing and to refresh. I often invite them to join me.

Almost invariably, people love standing up. It serves you, satisfies you, and truly saves you. Get started now, and before you know it, standing becomes a natural part of your moves—every hour!


It is with admiration that I work with capable women who come face to face with injury, surgery or a difficult diagnosis. I guide them holistically to navigate the medical trauma and maneuver through the emotional mayhem so they can return to a vibrant, independent life. If you or someone you know has such a challenge, I would deeply appreciate you sending them to AuthentiCore.com to contact me to see if we are a good fit to work together.