Healthy Leaders = Productive Leaders

I love bridges. There might be an element of risk involved when crossing a bridge. However, for me the risk is worth it, because the purpose of a bridge is to connect two things that might not otherwise ever get connected — or at least not without a great deal of meandering around.

I’m endeavoring to bridge my love and expertise working with two separate groups — high tech professionals whose leaders want teams that trust one another and generate healthy conflict — with workers that have personal goals for health and vibrancy. While not a new concept, members of today’s workforce have become so passionate about their work, that they often neglect, or don’t even see, the importance of a dedicated practice to physical, mental, and emotional health. This will mean spending time and energy on both aspects of life. It is my contention that not only can we have both, but there is a shared exchange in value that each offers the other. Having one electrifies the other!

I’ve been lucky enough(!) to be motivated since age 3 to pay attention to the care of my body. Experience taught me that self-care included my thoughts and feelings, too. These went hand-in-hand with any physical practice. And so, by now, I’m pretty good at spending time every day keeping myself strong, flexible, clear-eyed, and confident, striving for my personal best. I sure don’t do it perfectly by any means, but the point is, I make time for it. Simultaneously, I put high value on my professional endeavors, highlighting the needs of clients, responding to requests, seeking new learning opportunities, and polishing the product for optimum results.

If I have a business demand that’s more time-consuming than usual and I steal the time from the self-care budget, every time I suffer a loss in both my business and my health. Every time! You’d think that once would have been enough to learn that lesson, but no, I had to repeat it several times. Heed me now, when I tell you that you as a dedicated worker, leader, entrepreneur can be a stellar performer AND you MUST also tend to the self-care that includes your body, mind, feelings — and if you’re open to it — your spirit. Easy to say, harder to do. So, for now, let me leave you with a few gifts to help you in both worlds.

3 Cogent Ways to Nurture Trust in Any Team (work, household, religious affiliates, friends …)

  • Help your team accept denial and confusion. When people know you accept denial and confusion as normal, they will be more open to admitting either one.
  • Set up the right conditions to increase the know-how of the whole team for dependable (trustworthy) action.
  • Model and encourage true listening.

3 ideas for Self-Care of the Whole You

  • Create a nurturing home environment with ample lighting, clean air flow, and special decorations or art that make you smile.
  • Generate space and capacity for hourly movement in every environment you’re in. This includes at your desk, your kitchen, an airplane, in meetings, waiting rooms, everywhere!
  • Use multiple varieties of breathing to simulate, soothe, and nourish yourself hourly.

June Topic: How to Stop Communication Breakdown – Drive Me Insane

Communication breakdown
It’s always the same
I’m having a nervous breakdown
Drive me insane!

Led Zeppelin 1969

It is with admiration that I work with capable women who come face to face with injury, surgery or a difficult diagnosis. I guide them holistically to navigate the medical trauma and maneuver through the emotional mayhem so they can return to a vibrant, independent life. If you or someone you know has such a challenge, I would deeply appreciate you sending them to to contact me to see if we are a good fit to work together.