Body Delicious!

One of the many things my body has taught me is that it likes to keep things in balance. When there’s a challenge in one part of the body, every other part is put on notice. Subsequently, the shift or change undulates throughout, so the balance of the whole can be restored. This remarkable, instinctive skill is what makes the body so good at healing. What we humans do with our mind and senses is to learn and develop movements and purposeful stillness so we can heal discomfort, imbalance, or pain, which further augments the body’s innate power to heal.

I enjoy the discovery and practice of movements that make my body feel delicious, even if there’s occasional minor pain involved. Full disclosure though—and basic caution—I do have an acute awareness of the difference between “positive pain” and “stop-moving pain.” Some people have no concept of pain ever feeling positive, much less delicious. For me, the difference is quite perceptible, so I am safe in making this distinction. If no such difference exists for you, I would recommend that you consult your licensed providers to help you find movements that will amplify healing.

For those of us who feel the release from movements, even if there is slight “positive pain,” the healing occurs with slow, very slow, deliberate movements that respect and beckon the body to let go, relax, and exhale. Breathing is a must with any movement—in fact my yoga teachers often say, “Let your breath guide the movement.” Directed, supported, slow movements while breathing also enhance your love and acceptance of your body as it rebuilds. Hand-in-hand, you can use intentional stillness to strengthen healing. Settle down and use pillows, soft tennis balls, or blankets to support you to get comfortable in a position of ease. This is a profound courier to healing as you simply rest and visualize every part of your body letting go. Enjoy—and let the healing continue!

Focus for April: Two Sides of Healing

It is with admiration that I work with capable women who come face to face with injury, surgery or a difficult diagnosis. I guide them holistically to navigate the medical trauma and maneuver through the emotional mayhem so they can return to a vibrant, independent life. If you or someone you know has such a challenge, I would deeply appreciate you sending them to to contact me to see if we are a good fit to work together.