Monthly Tips

February 2018 – Juices Flowing

We are a society that sits – a lot – and the experts have written piles of articles about how bad this is for our posture, our ultimate comfort, and our frame of mind and attitude. When I examined my patterns, I saw that my work did indeed steer me into a chair with one client after another, so I created an effortless routine to change that… and get the juices flowing!

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January 2018 – Vibrancy at its Best

I have to admit, I have pretty good energy on a regular basis. I awaken quite early every day, and I move right into activity—for me, I enjoy a 90-minute routine of stretching, yoga, and meditation to start each day. Admittedly, however, there are some days when I am drained from the get-go, and I have to alter my routine to accommodate my lack of energy. I look to myself and query “what will it take for me to return to vibrancy?

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December 2017 – Cultivating Metta – 5 Minutes A Day

As you may be aware, metta is often defined as “loving kindness” or a practice of loving kindness. Specifically, loving kindness towards ourselves, towards those we love, those we care about, those we know, those we find difficult, those we do not understand at all. It begins with ourselves. And if we find difficulty with that, practicing loving kindness towards that difficulty. It’s a practice to bring spaciousness. It’s a practice to be connected.

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