Loving My Body

Use this series of questions and exercises to inform you about how much you love your body. No judgment, just notice what you notice, and move on. With time and practice, you will improve the quality of your love and acceptance of your body, and discover the mystery of how much this matters to your heart, your mind, and your spirit.

lovingmybodyHow do I feel in my body?

What is my body communicating to me?

How is my energy? – What 3 words/phrases would I use to describe how I notice my energy? (Flowing, peaceful, strong, stuck, etc.)

According to Dr. Michael Finkelstein, the Slow Medicine Doctor, our first ‘energetic awareness’ originates in the gut, generally referred to as “gut instinct.” Then the mind and the body become aware. To enhance this process, tune into your instinct, listen to it, take deep breaths, take your time, it’s not something you can force. The inhale relaxes you, the exhale releases tension – practice this process with awareness and you will see/hear/feel your instinct informing you.

Stay aware of any resistances you have. Name a resistance or two you have been aware of. Make adjustments to your body and your mind, then transform the resistance – see the gift of it – make conscious changes and improvements. TRUST that relief will come—even if not right now. DO the work with your body that shows, love, care, and acceptance. You will not always see and feel a difference right away, but relieve and ease WILL COME.

See your body as Teacher. Ask yourself, ‘What am I learning from this? From Andrew Weil, MD “Integrative Medicine refers to ongoing efforts to combine the best of conventional and evidence-based complementary therapies while emphasizing the primacy of the patient-provider relationship and the importance of patient participation in health promotion, disease prevention, and medical management. Integrative Medicine views patients as whole people with minds and spirits as well as bodies and involves these dimensions into diagnosis and treatment.”

The body’s innate ability to heal is CENTRAL to the definition of Integrative Medicine.

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