It Starts With Noticing


Listen to what your body is saying—be a witness…

forestx1280What is my body saying?
What body part has the most to say?
What does it feel like? How would I describe its shape and size?
In what tone is it speaking to me?
Can I be tender with this body (body part)?
How can I express my tenderness?
How can I express my approval and acceptance?
What do I want to say back to my body?
What’s the most supportive thing I can convey to my body?
How can I show my body I am accepting it just as it is?
What slow, gentle movements might make my body feel better? Try some now.
What do you notice after doing a few slow, gentle movements for 60-90 seconds?

Is there one or more emotions I feel coming from my body?
What emotions do I associate with the pain I feel? (Be specific with where the pain is—name it)
What emotion would my (name the body part) want to receive right now?
Am I willing to express what it wants?
How do I go about expressing the emotions that my body most desires from me?
Practice sending compassion, acceptance, or gentleness to specified body parts.
What do I notice now in my perception of the pain?

Personal Practice Between Sessions

  • Identify 2 questions above in which my answers taught me something significant?
  • Select 2 actions I’ve practiced from Q&As above that brought me an increase in awareness and/or acceptance of my body.
  • At least 3 nights a week practice and notice my response to the following exercise:

Customize an exercise from what I learned and do it with a particular body part. If this body part is also present on the other side of body, do the exercise on both sides – purpose is to do one side, relax and see if I can notice a difference. Then do the other side, pause and see how the body feels now. Anything I notice counts, even if the answers are “I don’t feel anything.” Track and report back at next session.