Health and Vitality

Health and Vitality are defined differently for everyone, and in general they are a balancing act. We may have several aspects of our health stabilized, but if one or two elements are out of whack, we can feel pretty miserable—or at the very least—not up to par.

I work with clients holistically, that is utilizing all four aspects of the being – emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual states of well-being. Another balancing act for sure, and each one influences the other, so we practice tools to keep them aligned with one another.

In the first stage of transition, one identifies the shift or ending, and that starts with taking stock. Ask yourself the following questions and answer yourself honestly.

  1. What are 3 things you do for yourself daily (or at least 4x/wk) for physical self-soothing?
  2. When talking to yourself (silently or aloud) what’s the tone of voice you’re most likely to hear? Examples might include: soft & gentle, critical, cooing, mean, comforting, etc.
  3. What are 2 examples of activities you do regularly (at least 2x/wk) to soothe yourself? Examples might include: yoga, careful rigorous exercise, bowling, tennis, delicious stretching, etc.
  4. Name 3 positive feelings you activate and direct towards yourself daily? How often?
  5. How often each day do you criticize yourself (silently or out in the open)?
  6. What are 3 things you do each day to stimulate your thinking/learning?

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