About Lindsay Wagner

Lindsay Wagner is founder of AuthentiCore, a company dedicated to inspire healing and generate balance through transitions.

Lindsay has worked with individuals and groups in businesses, government agencies, and hospitals to enhance communication, inspire winning transitions, and guide clients through a journey of holistic healing and vibrancy.

Lindsay started out working in corporate settings, bringing leadership coaching, training and consulting to multiple biotech companies, several branches of the military, and small and large healthcare systems. During the past three years she has been focused on health and vibrancy of the whole person with an emphasis on the mental and emotional elements. Her presentations lately have been to groups and individuals struggling with injuries, pending and post-surgeries, and those with a new diagnosis for which they need support.

Lindsay is a Registered Nurse specializing in Behavioral Health and Adult Education. She is trained as a Healing Touch Provider a modality that re-patterns clients’ energy field and accelerates healing of the body, mind, and spirit.

Lindsay’s engaging style encourages clients to tap into their wisdom, humor, and sensual energy as a part of her comprehensive program of transitions in health and vibrancy.

Contact: Lindsay@AuthentiCore.com

619 993-8402