Transitions in Health and Vibrancy

Transitions are inevitable at some point in your life. Understand your feelings – move through the transition with greater poise.

Move at your own pace as I guide you through three essential stages of each transition:

  1. Identify the shift (or ending) – acknowledge the losses – let go completely
  2. Witness the stillness—pause to integrate
  3. Open yourself to the new experience – flourish!

Transitions in Health

If you face an unexpected health challenge—in particular if you are dealing with:

  • recovery from surgery or injury
  • prolonged or recurring pain
  • disability challenges

You are right where you need to be to move you through this!

You will learn tools and systematic practices in a group or individual setting that bring results.

  1. Heighten your ability to heal
  2. Build physical and emotional strength
  3. Decrease your perception of pain
  4. Gain composure and self-control

Transitions in Vibrancy

As people grow, they experience physical and mental changes. If you notice:

  • decisions & choices are harder than they used to be
  • decrease in mental acuity or awareness
  • low energy or less interest in things you used to enjoy

You have an opportunity to become more positive and re-discover more pleasure!

In a group of peers, you will experience the benefits of staying mentally sharp and emotionally vibrant.

  1. Experience more stimulation and fun by activating curiosity
  2. Stay emotionally flexible by generating “the unexpected”
  3. Enhance your cognitive fitness with variety and new encounters
  4. Expand your view of possibility with an open heart and mind

Lindsay Wagner

Lindsay’s engaging style encourages clients to tap into their wisdom, humor, and sensual energy as a part of her comprehensive program of transitions in health and vibrancy. More…

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Loving My Body...

With time and practice, you will improve the quality of your love and acceptance of your body, and discover the mystery of how much this matters to your heart, your mind, and your spirit.


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